Thursday, June 26, 2008

I, too, prefer to rent.

Breakthrough Awaits Talented Hollywood Hamster, craigslist via Defamer.

CASTING Hamster for short film (los angeles)

I am looking for a hamster.

I know I could buy one, but then I would own it. So , I was hoping to just rent one for 50 bucks for a couple hours.

The Hamster will be work in a studio shoot on a greenscreen. He is playing Rocky, the captain of a boat.

please send a picture

What part of this is not hilarious?



Matthew said...

Still waiting for the outrage at Hillary’s insistence that a man pay her way.
She and that pathetic Geraldine Ferraro have set the women’s movement back forty years.
So much for the Clintonista so-called support for women's equality.

Chrissy said...

I actually saw that on craigslist and I was like just buy one it's cheaper and then just send it back to the store.