Monday, September 28, 2009

Open letter to white male TV writers

who incorporate blackface in their programming to punctuate their views on historical and contemporary racism:

Don't do it.

End of letter.

[Edited on 9/29/2009 for further explanation.]

Why? Because you aren't that much better than the people you are mocking.

1. The majority of people who appear on your shows, meaning Mad Men and The Colbert Report, are white American men. You have a few white women and some token black people. I'd be shocked to see a Latino, East Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian or Middle Eastern person make an appearance.

2. You don't have any black people in power on your writing staff or working behind the scenes in general. How do I know this? Because if there had been any black authority figures working on your show, those blackface scenes would not have happened. There would not have been a can of shoe polish within a mile of your studios.

Stop trying to convince yourselves and the people around you that you're "not racists" and that you're "the good guys." You do not have the awareness or the facility or the right to employ racist imagery for profit.



Asian Americanist said...

I don't understand why you titled that with "White male TV writers" and mention Mad Men. The writing staff on Mad Men is predominantly women.

In fact, the episode you linked to was written by Dahvi Waller. Who is female.

Bianca Reagan said...

How dare you bring logic into my rant, good sir. :|