Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're back!

Hooray! It's been quite a time. There was the blog situation, of course. Then I got sucked into a dialogue on Pajiba about Maggie Gyllenhaal posing for a overpriced lingerie company. I've talked about this concept before: talented, well-known female actors do not need to take off their clothes for money or additional fame. So you can figure out what my response was to the unfortunate announcement about Ms. G. Then today, my car battery finally died. I had to get my car jump started and then haul my tuchis to the nearest repair place, which was in the Valley, i.e. the hottest place in the LA County. There has been other work related stress, too. And, my big TV is still out at the repair shop for possibly two more weeks.

It has indeed been a time.

With all of these emotions wrapped up inside me, I think it's time for the Krump:

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