Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another completely different movie

I'm watching Breakin' All the Rules right now, which I did not realize starred Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut. I only remembered that Jamie Foxx was in it, because he was all over the commercials, coasting on the Ray momentum of 2004. The problem is worse than I had previously thought.

Peter MacNicol is in the movie, too. As Jennifer Esposito's boyfriend. Yeah, okay. I guess if Jimmy Fallon can do it . . . What has Peter been doing since Ally McBeal? Oh. Well good for him. I wouldn't mind hanging out with David Krumholtz all day.


Chrissy said...

Peter MacNicol is great on Numb3rs! One of the only procedural shows I actually enjoy watching.

Bianca Reagan said...

What about the Law & Orders? Though I can understand skipping CSI: Miami

Chrissy said...

The Law & Orders are good but I haven't really been into them the past few years. I will watch them once in a while.

Skipping CSI:Miami? No way Caruso brings the comedy with those glasses! Haha!

I had a feeling that was the video you linked too haha!