Monday, December 24, 2007

Musings from an Angeleno: The Christmas Eve Edition

(Imagine a Christmas picture of the Psych boys and their families here.)

1. If you'll remember my musings from this same time last year, I apparently wasn't so impressive. Well someone was impressed by me this year, and rightfully so, and that is all I will say about that.

2. At the annual Christmas Eve candlelight service, one of the teenage ushers was sporting some Zac Efron-type floppy hair. In my head I was all, "Dude, get a haircut." Then I was like, "at least you don't have the Ef's orange skin." Finally I thought, "Thank goodness Stephanie is at another church over 3000 miles away, because we all know how she likes them young."

3. After the service, I was in the bathroom about to take a shower when I started to have a think. I had encountered some of my old classmates over the past two days, which triggered a frown on my face. Why were most of the people I was friends with in elementary school and middle school and high school still friends with each other, but they weren't friends with me? I hadn't really thought about it before. I just figured they had made other friends in college like I had. And they did, but they are still friends with each other too. I started remembering times during college breaks on St. Thomas when they'd all be hanging out together wherever, but I wasn't really in the group anymore. Then I felt bad retroactively for being left out.
Somehow, when I was scrubbing myself under the shower head that needs better water pressure, I realized that they are all still friends because they all live on the East Coast. They went to the name brand schools in New England and New York and the Washington, D.C. area and Florida, while I went to my top-choice, lesser-known school in California. They have all been visiting each other and hanging out regularly in their new homes since they graduated, because they all live in easy traveling distance from each other. As if the West Coast is a foreign country that requires a Visa and an overnight flight.

I have never regretted going to college in and remaining in Los Angeles. I love my new(ish) friends and being in my industry. There are things that I cannot stand about LA--the required driving and the high cost of living--but that is where I want to be. I just never considered that my old friends would continue to be friends sans moi. I thought I had done something wrong, like, "Thank goodness we got rid of Bianca. She was always such a Debbie Downer. Now we can finally have fun without her loser personality harshing our mellow. w00t!"

Yes, I know I have issues.

Happy Christmahanukwanzaakah to you!


Stephanie said...
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Catherine Avril Morris said...

Dude, you're not a downer. Don't even think like that. (I relate, btw. I have one really close friend left from college, another friend that I talk to sometimes, and several that I'm MySpace buds with. And that's it. It does make me feel bad, but I just have to think we've all gone down our separate paths. Geography does play a big role, as lame an excuse as that is. If we were all independently wealthy and didn't have to be employed, I'm sure we'd be visiting each other on our yachts and private islands a whole lot more. Like, I'd send my private jet to pick you up, Miss Bianca!)

Merry Dec. 27th to you, m'dear.

citygirl said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I avoid all high school classmate sightings like the plague. There are only maybe three people I'd actually want to see again anyway.

I'm glad you realized they weren't actually trying to get rid of you. That would make them stupid. And you wouldn't have purposely hung out with ignorami, would you?

Bianca Reagan said...

stephanie, I hope you have the Dance Along, Sing Along Special Edition.

Thanks, catherine!

citygirl, those are good points!