Thursday, December 13, 2007

Law & Order is an urban show.

It takes place in New York City, the epitome of the word urban. However, black people in general are not "urban." Not all black people live in cities, or even suburbs. I, for one, grew up on an island with many other black people. These two black men who were shot by a trigger-happy white man named Joe Horn in Pasadena, Texas, were not "urban" either. I'm glad that someone is finally addressing this idiotic semantic issue:

Gabrielle Union does not like black movies labeled as ‘urban’, by Kirshan Murphy at Nubian Waves.

"No one calls Fred Claus the white Christmas movie. The Perfect Holiday is a movie about the holidays. It’s not race-specific.

"If there’s more than one black person in the movie, it’s an urban romantic comedy, an urban thriller - it’s just a flipping movie..."

I would never call Fred Claus "the white Christmas movie." I would call it, "the reason to avoid the theater." If I want to watch a holiday film starring an overpaid "comedian", I'll catch one of the thousand cable airings of The Santa Clause or Elf, both of which I also own.



Stephanie said...
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The Red Queen said...

I don't like the urban label either. I mean I'm urban (snobby city dweller who doesn't own a car and mocks suburbanites) but I am decidedly more pale than what they mean by "urban". Maybe I'm urbane?

My favorite local grocery store is known for having the best music in the city. Turns out the store is playing some satellite radio "Urban Adult" station- which is code for motown and soul music.

Bianca Reagan said...

Chrissy and I skipped Snowglobe on Saturday. Suze Orman was on. Fun!

trq, one can be both urban and urbane. Like me!

Stephanie said...
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