Friday, December 07, 2007

They are called stalkers.

Subtitle: Why I don't like movies and television shows based on the desires of the white male patriarchy.

How Will Smith Saved My Life, by Josh at Bricks Explode

Will Smith Project: Hitch

Lesson Learned: Girls can be tricked into having sex with you

Explanation: There are three distinctly different ways you can get women to sleep with you:

1. Stalk them. Not the creepy "follow them around all dressed in black while calling them and hanging up one hundred times a day stalking," the funny kind that you can find in a PG-13 romantic comedy. The mistake that real life stalkers make is that they:

A: Are not as attractive as Will Smith

B: Don’t play whimsical music while they are stalking. How are we supposed to know that what you’re doing is funny, not creepy? You need to play a little Sheryl Crow or Third Eye Blind to show us how to feel. Silly stalkers, sex is for winners . . .

It goes on from there. I actually wrote about this double standard in my journal after watching an episode on How I Met Your Mother on the plane last year. Carrie Bradshaw also talked about this on that episode of Sex and the City where she encounters Aidan after their first break-up and wants to be with him again.

This Hollywood concept of wearing women down until they agree to fall in love with you remains ridiculous. Though it does seem to be the hallmark of male/female interaction in Aaron Sorkin productions. I don't think he knows any gay people or Latinos, other than Lily Tomlin and Martin Sheen, respectively.

It's insulting. It's dangerous. Yet one of my friends--who shall remain nameless--actually thinks that in relationships, men are naturally hunters and women are naturally prey. (She didn't use those words, but Steve Harvey did.) I explained to her that concept makes no sense, especially when considering relationships in the queer community. Using that logic, lesbians would be waiting around alone forever since no one would be pursuing them. And then there would be no L Word.

I'm sure I will expound on this at length at a future date. If I forget, then please remind me to.


The Red Queen said...

OMG- I love your blog. How have I not read it before?

And yes, they are stalkers, creepy creepy stalkers.

I watched Hitch twice on a plane (to and from mexico). Both times I skipped the headphones and made up the dialogs in my head- it was better that way.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thank you! I'm enjoy your pink blog too!

I voluntarily bought a ticket to see Hitch by myself in a theater. Not just that I went to the movie alone. I mean, by the time I saw it, I was in the theater with maybe two other people. It was without.

I'm looking forward to more pink posts!