Sunday, December 02, 2007

I got a reply from Mr. Stein!

It him over a month, but Joel Stein has responded to the heated email that I sent him in October:

Fair enough. I'll check out the movie. I had hoped I was using the word
with a positive connotation, but I do have some misogyny issues that
stem from my hormones. It's hard being a misogynist feminist, but I'm
working on it.

Thanks for the email. Really.


Well then.


Stephanie said...

I think that is cool that he wrote you back. I have to admit that I should probably watch that movie too since I too use it in a joking way like him and never thought it was a big deal.

So what should I call Jude Law from now on?

Bianca Reagan said...

"That dirty guy from the UK who isn't Colin Farrell. Or Hugh Grant. Or George Michael."