Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

There was cake involved, and roses and candy hearts, and people were super nice. That made me happy. :)



Catherine Avril Morris said...

Aww, cool! Happy V-Day!

We went to see my old softball team play, and drank pink champagne in the bleachers. That was fun. Then Indian food that was SO good and spicy. Then Lost. So that was a pretty good one too, I guess. :)

Bianca Reagan said...

Why don't you play softball anymore?

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Cuz I have team sports phobia, majorly majorly. It was a huge trial just getting through the 6-week "season." Then, two weeks after we finished, Coach John sent out an email saying "Hey, let's do it again" and my stomach clenched right up all over again! They need a female player this Thurs., though, so I'm going to fill in. :-/

Bianca Reagan said...

I've never heard of "team sports phobia", but good luck!