Sunday, February 24, 2008

"I don't want an angry woman in the White House."

Well, I do.

That's what I said, Tina Fey! We do get things done!

Also, Mike Huckabee needs a hug. Not from me, though.

btw, beside Carrie Underwood's performances, the rest of the episode was pretty bad. Fred Armisen as Barack Obama? Lorne, no.



Chrissy said...

Fred Armisen was horrendous as Barack Obama! I think this is when they go hmmm maybe we shouldn't have let Finesse go, cuz I think he could have played Barack well.

Yeah really dissapointed in SNL. I was hoping it was going to be better. Yeah right I shouldn't hope for that show.

Stephanie said...

Jerks pulled the Hillary video. Yet for some reason we can still see the Huckabee one?

I totally forgot to tape SNL! Owell sounds like it was lame anyways. Fred as Barack? HUH? Seriously? They couldn't find ANYONE ELSE?

Bianca Reagan said...

The video is fixed for now.

The Hillary 1000 said...

That video was awesome!!

It's not too late Ohio and Tx!!