Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Valentine's Day Eve

This morning I was feeling bummed because I am alone, as I have been for the past 26 years. And like Josh's mom, someone had the nerve to ask me what I had planned for tomorrow. As if I were going out on the town with the same imaginary person who had impregnated me with the food baby that my mother thought I was carrying at Christmas.

(I should really have a blog post to link to there. To make a long story short, last Christmas Eve my mother finally noticed my poochy tummy that I had been complaining to her about for a month. Then she said to me with a straight face, "Your belly is protruding. It looks like you're pregnant. Are you?")

Later I felt better when one of my friends emailed me today with positive, supportive thoughts. Also, other people in my were nice to me, and they made my day happy. :)


In unrelated news, I found this on Defamer: The Cosby Kids Reunite On Oprah, on Jezebel.

Quoi?! No one told me about this development. This was a total Black History Moment, and none of the advertising bothered to target me. Hello!



Chrissy said...

I would have wanted to see the Cosby Kids on Oprah too! I watch ABC a lot and never saw it advertised.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm mad about the Cosby reunion as well! I grew up glued to that show and would have loved to see the reunion. The Nick at Nite reruns lull me to sleep when I have insomnia. Oprah be holdin' out on me!

I have opted for Ellen more often lately, even though I hold Oprah in goddess status, just because her show is funny and often more fun tow watch daily. In Columbus, they both air at the same time (not sure if it's that way everywhere). Oh well...

BTW, I was going to write a post about how Daria needs to have a comeback. It's funny to know someone else out there feels the same.

Bianca Reagan said...

Welcome, affrodite! Please write your Daria post!