Sunday, March 23, 2008

Polar bears are back in season!

Note to Judd Apatow: That's how you do tubby, scruffy guys. Not all of them have to be women-hating, socially retarded ne'er-do-wells. For additional reference, I suggest you observe Kevin Smith. Not necessarily his movies, but more his guest appearances on Degrassi.

Cliff is the best! He is now my favorite part of Ugly Betty As I told Stephanie earlier this week, you'd think I'd stay away from (polar) bears after Knocked Up, Superbad and the Daniel from Pajiba crazy situation. But apparently, I have some depth, and I can see past the pale, round, furry facade. Polar bears are back in season! There really need to be some more cute round guys of various colors on TV so I can make my brown bear/black bear/panda bear jokes.

Second runner-up: Gio.

See, Gio is about something. He has an entrepreneurial spirit. In less than a season, he created his own sandwich shop. Plus, there's this:

It's over between me and Mr. Grubstick, since he is going to Tuscon in five months to be with his baby mama. There is so much wrong with that sentence. Maybe Kenny can mop up my tears.



Beatrice B said...

hahaa! this is funny. Cliff and Gio! yay! Love them!!

Bianca Reagan said...

I love them, too! I hope Cliff comes back. :|