Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have you been watching High School Reunion?

Well, I have. And wow. This concept was kind of acceptable back in the early 00s, when it was on The WB for two seasons, and the casts went to a McMansion in Hawaii for their respective ten-year reunions. Okay, technically in the second season, three of the women had been sophomores when the rest of cast was in their senior year. Also, one of the guys in the house didn't even go to their school.

But back to my point. The people in the WB version of the show were in their late 20s. So it was kind of like a Real World reunion show, and you could maybe understand why they would let themselves get roped into a contrived reality series. Now that High School Reunion is on TV Land, and the show is trying to reach a more "mature" (ha!) audience, the cast members are going their 20th high school reunion. It's the same two weeks on a Hawaiian island with manufactured drama that somehow the classmates never see coming. For instance, on the first episode, Mike "The Rebel" is shocked that his ex-wife Lana "The Drama Queen" has deigned to show up at the house, even though they both graduated from the same high school in the same year. Then in this week's installment, the whole house can't believe that Steve "The Backstabber"--Mike's ex-best friend who slept with his ex-wife--has just arrived at the reunion, too.

People, you are on a television show! This isn't the first episode of Survivor back in 2000 when you could be semi-surprised at the producers' plot twists. What did you expect? A relaxing vacation with a few of your aging friends? That doesn't sell ad time. You all are grown-ups in your late 30s. If, as Matt "The Jock" has expressed on camera, you don't want your kids to see you acting a fool, then don't go on the show!

I hope you readers don't see me in eleven years on Season 14 of High School Reunion, trying to figure out why "The Stud" still thinks every woman in the house, including "The Lesbian", should be falling all over themselves to take him out on a Hall Pass. That is unless I'm the host of the show, like that guy they got rid of after the first season. Now that would be lovely; I would get paid to ask the inappropriate questions and stir up the drama. Plus, I wouldn't have to live in the actual house. TV Land had better put me up in a luxury hotel suite, far far away from those nutters. :)


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angryyoungwoman said...

Yeah, I've been a little pissed that I'm missing M*A*S*H because they want to show a lot of aging middle-upper classers who never matured past eighteen (I know, but I love M*A*S*H).