Sunday, August 03, 2008

Even a commercial about chocolate

has no black people in it. The usurping of roles for brown people has not stopped with Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey, Jr. It continues with computer-generated chocolate people with unquestionably white features.

In the Hershey's commercial featured above, I counted two white people--a tall, thin young man, and a shorter, equally thin, younger woman. I also spotted a butterfly and three bunnies. Of course, the man was conveniently driving the car, because a lady in a commercial can't drive if her man is around.

Before you readers accuse me of being overly sensitive to the racism, sexism, sizeism and heteronormativity of a company hawking candy to Americans, look at the picture below:

It strikes me as odd that to enjoy "what makes a Hershey bar pure", the consumer should be thin, straight and white. Because fat people don't like candy. Neither do the gays or the non-white.



Renee said...

That blacks are not represented in a chocolate commercial may not necessarily be a bad thing. When we consider that Hershey and many other of the large chocolate manufacturers have links to slave labor in terms of the creation of this product do we really want to associate ourselves with this. Further compounding the issue is that the bodies that are enslaved are be enlarged black bodies. I certainly do not want my black body used to promote a product that profits from slavery and dehumanization.

Irwin Handleman said...

Yeah, nothing would make millions of Americans want to eat chocolate more than seeing some fat, black, gay people in a commercial.

Let me understand: are you willfully not understanding capitalism or do you just simply disagree with it? And even if you do disagree with it, as I think you must, why do you keep getting angry about these companies operating as capitalists?