Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why I am passively boycotting the 2008 Summer Olympics:

I'm too lazy to look up and link to supporting articles. You'll have to wax that pony yourself.

1. The Chinese government continues to violate the rights of humans, both inside and outside of their own country.

2. I don't need to see another "news" article portraying Michael Phelps as the Great White American Hero. I have so much to say about identifying the word "sports" with men, even though women play sports too. But to focus, my main gripe is that as far as I know, Michael Phelps isn't trying to raise a family on his own on a minimum-wage salary. He isn't taking care of his sick parents while trying to put himself through college. He is not teaching in the abysmal US public school system. He swims fast. He won some medals. He's not saving babies. Neither are most deified athletes. Let's move on.

[Ed. note, 8/24/2008.] Also, what Tobes said: This is why... and CNN examines sexism in the Olympics.

3. The Chinese government is funding the genocide in Darfur. Yet my August "news" stories have been covering Russia's invasion of Georgia. I'm not sure how many people have died because of the Russia/Georgia conflict. However, I am pretty sure that hundreds of thousands of people continue to be killed, mutilated and raped in Darfur. One conflict in Europe gets daily news coverage, while one of the many conflicts in Africa that is funded by China gets almost no mainstream media coverage whatsoever. I wonder why that is . . .

4. The United States government has an embargo against Cuba because Cuba is a communist country. But playing sports in the communist country of China, with its deadly smog, is okay. Also, torturing prisoners on Cuban soil at Guantanamo Bay is okay. But taking a direct flight from Miami to Havana? Not okay.

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Anonymous said...

i didn't watch the olympics much this year other than by default when my hubby had it on tv. you just gave me 4 good reasons to justify it, but for me, i've just lost interest in general over watching things like that.

Bianca Reagan said...

affrodite, I lost interest after 1996. I can't even remember where the 2004 Olympics were.