Friday, February 19, 2010

"Denise is the other black woman who works here."

I never have that problem since I'm usually the only black woman in the room. :( But I sure could use some of that specifically branded Excedrin.


Here is another of my favorite SNL clips from the 2000s:

Oh, Larry Craig. You embarrassed so many people, and provided laughter for us all.



Sandra said...

In response to the SNL skit with Queen Latifah, my sentiments exactly. There are several instances where I've been mistaken for another black woman in my class or at work. What makes some of these more interesting is that I've been mistaken for women who have a different complexion and/ or physique from me.
I never understood this...

Bianca Reagan said...

A different complexion and a different physique? That's messed up. There should be a hotline to call in and report such things.