Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hooray for Scott Fujita!

Boo for Cosmo.

Here are the two articles I am referring to that I liked today:

Reasons to Love Scott, by Irin, Jezebel via Feministe.

1) He diplomatically but firmly opposed the message of the Tebow ad, which will air during the Super Bowl Fujita is playing in Sunday. "The idea of focusing on the family - who wouldn't agree with that?" he told The New York Times. "But the means of doing so, he and I might not see eye to eye all the way." Fujita was adopted, and his biological mother was a teenager when he was born. "I'm just so thankful she had the courage and the support system to be able to carry out the pregnancy," Fujita said. "I wouldn't expect that of everybody."

2) He lent his name to the National Equality March and has been outspoken about gay rights issues.

3) He supports an orphanage in New Orleans and started speaking out on gay rights in part because of his objection to laws limiting gay adoption. "What [such laws] are really saying is that the concern with one's sexual orientation or one's sexual preference outweighs what's really important, and that's finding safe homes for children," he has said. "It's also saying that we'd rather have kids bounce around from foster home to foster home throughout the course of their childhood, than end up in a permanent home."

Warning: The Cosmo Flirting Guide Might Turn You Into A Total Lunatic, by hortense, Jezebel.

An article titled "50 Ways To Become A Legendary Flirt" presents itself as a guide to getting what you want by flirting your way into the hearts and minds of others . . . Let's take a look at the most insane flirting suggestions, shall we?

[ . . . ]

17. Get the indie music guy hanging near the jukebox to help you pick out a song.

LOL what? Where is this mythical place where the "indie music guy" hangs out near the jukebox? The Max? The Peach Pit? The Peach Pit After Dark?

22. Hit up a sports bar and ask the guy sitting beside you what his favorite team is so you'll "know who to root for."

Oh, this is so sad! And so transparent! Doing this will just make you look stupid and desperate and pathetic. Especially if his favorite team is the Yankees and then you have to act like you like them for a few hours. So sad!

[ . . . ]

Here's the problem with the majority of these tips (aside from their ridiculousness): they rely on a woman dumbing herself down in order to appeal to some dude or to get what she wants. To get your coffee fast, you need to moan like an idiot, to try to meet guys, you need to ask them what they like so you can mold yourself around their idea of the perfect woman, and to impress your family members, apparently, you need to make vaguely incestuous comments.

For all the "fun, fearless" talk Cosmo pushes, its articles often revert to the notion that a woman has to play it safe and stupid to get ahead in the world, using her boobs over her brains and discarding all self-awareness in an attempt to appear "sexy" and "daring." The results are often a display of idiocy and transparent attempts to be what she believes other people expect her to be: the Cosmo girl has to try to flirt her way into the hearts of others with her underwear tied in her hair because she doesn't know how to just stand up, be herself, own her sexuality, and say what she means. There's a difference between being a flirt and being completely insane. Someday, Cosmo might figure it out.


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