Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Musings from a Black Woman: Classy People on VH1

I can't find a video clip of the VH1 commercial in which Fantasia, Pepa, Kittie, and Jacque talk about black women. So I have transcribed what they said below:

Fantasia: How would I personally describe the modern black woman?

Pepa: Strong.

Kittie: Determined? Resourceful?

Pepa: Getting an education. Not taking no for an answer.

Fantasia: Independent. Confident.

Pepa: Women today, like the Oprahs and Michelle Obama, are, you know, living example
of that.

Kittie: I don't need a big S on my chest. But I would like to be acknowledged.

Jacque: Amazingly resilient.

Fantasia: Yeah. That's our black woman of today.

Why the baby picture? Because who doesn't love a happy baby? I hope she grows up to be a happy black woman.


Now for some not so classy people on VH1:

Happy Black History Month!


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