Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I apologize to Zac Efron.

After multiple (two) of you readers pointed out that Mr. Efron may not have leaked Ms. Hudgens's pictures on the internet, I will no longer label Zac guilty until proven innocent. Until the IP addresses are checked, Mr. Efron is just an unfortunate bystander. I'm sorry, sir.

My apology was also sparked by this developing situation, which I discovered on People via Defamer: High School Musical nudity update.

In a shocking--just shocking!--development in the Vanessa Hudgens Nudie Photos Scandal, a "source close to the situation" says that the High School Musical libertine sent the racy images to Drake Bell...star of Nickelodeon's Josh and Drake. We know! Already-enraged Disney Channel execs will be additionally livid about Hudgens' disloyal decision to show her body to a direct competitor's horny talent.

However, Mr. Bell's rep reports, "Drake says he never received those photos."

I feel like I'm in an episode of Law and Order where Sam Waterston and his supermodel Assistant DA keep arresting the wrong suspects.

The best part? The comments.

From Ben:

What about Malcolm? Was he in the middle?

And from El SmrtMnky:

ironically, zac efron emailed naked photos of himself to drake bell, too.

So wrong, yet so funny.

Also, since Stephanie is into the younger men, I wonder which one she would choose:


Or Zac?

What about a Jonas brother?

Not the middle one, readers. Nick's not legal yet.

For readers like my Mummy who could never tell the difference between Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, there are five separate people in these photos. However, Drake is featured in two of them: the picture at the top of the post with the birds, and the picture right below his name and the question mark.


Stephanie said...
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cubicalgirl said...

Nice choice, Hudge! Drake is way cuter than Zac! I've been inappropriately crushing on him for a little while now.

Swishy said...

I would choose Zac too, just because of the Rolling Stone cover. That Rolling Stone cover? WOW. I mean, WOW.

And Nick is dating Hannah Montana. I cannot believe I know that. Thank you, People magazine.

Bianca Reagan said...

Mr. Allen has not aged as well as Mr. Harris.

Lance was my favorite at one point, along with JC. It's still a toss-up. JT stopped being my favorite after he bleached his hair blond and hoarded all the baby blue outfits for himself. And that was a long time ago.

Drake caught my attention after I found out he was 21 (really Nickelodeon?). I finally realized I was drawn to him because he reminds me of Ephram. Someone please get Gregory Smith some work. It's been too long. Darn you, Dawn Ostroff!

swishy, that Rolling Stone cover is quite provocative. But why Zac? I'm not suggesting the magazine change the cover or the hard hitting article, which sounds exactly like the one they did with Justin in 2003. I am saying that Zac can't really sing or act, so why isn't on the cover of a more appropriate publication, like Tanning Monthly?