Thursday, September 06, 2007

It got me hooked on Hannah Montana.

...the absolute best part, as pointed out by noted pal Jane Wiedlin's Boyfriend (who watched this for no compensation, and therefore needs a doctor, I am thinking), is how the song repeats "work, work, work it out" until you feel like maybe nobody knew any other words to include, or nobody knew any other words at all, or somebody wrote the whole thing using a defective magnetic poetry kit where all verbs were replaced with "work," all pronouns with "it," and all prepositions with "out," and then when the music is finally over and the dance stops, Troy immediately turns to FOT [Friend of Troy, Corbin Bleu] and says, "So can we work this out?" Because he's still wondering. Goddamn, Troy. What do you think the entire song you just sang was about? Unsurprisingly, having just repeated "we can work it out" in song four hundred times, FOT replies, "Yeah, we can work it out." I'M SO GLAD WE GOT THAT CLEARED UP.

I was cracking up over that paragraph all day. My coworkers probably think I get high in the bathroom. Read the rest of Miss Alli's recap of High School Musical 2 at TWoP.

P.S. I know the picture about is from the first HSM. However, I guffaw whenever I see Sharpay and Ryan performing "What I've Been Looking For." They're so goofy.


Chrissy said...

Oh man, I need to find the time to read the recap of HSM2 on TWoP, cuz that little bit was hilarious.

Stephanie said...
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cubicalgirl said...

Here's the thing about Sharpay and Ryan. In HSM, they say that got all the leads in all the school plays. Which means they would probably have to play love interests. But they're BROTHER AND SISTER! That freaks me out!

Also, did you peep the nudz of Vanessa Hudgens that are floating around the internerd? I guess that rules her our for HSM3.

Bianca Reagan said...

cubical, I never thought that deeply about HSM, but that does make sense. I did not "peep the nudz," but after reading your comment, I did go to Defamer to read the Hudge's press release.

Anonymous said...

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