Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Randi Rhodes has been angry about

for at least the past two days:

Student Tasered at John Kerry Speech ... Right or Wrong?

There's no question that tasering a human being for asking a question is wrong, but that's what the video was labeled on MySpace.

So far, John Kerry has said and done nothing about this. If Senator Kerry has said something, and Randi and I have missed it, please let me know.


Swishy said...

Seriously ... SO FREAKING CRAZY!!!

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Argh. That video made me cry. Then I Googled the situation (hadn't heard of it till your blog, as is often the case; thanks, Bianca, for keeping me informed!), and cried again at how much discussion there is on many different Web sites about whether this guy was being a jerk and "looking for trouble." As if those merit tasering. Wtf? People are insane.

I'm in one of those moods today when human beings seem doomed and hopeless. Hence the crying at not really that much provocation, in the grand scheme of things.

Dana said...

I heard that this guy pushed his way to the mic and even after he was told that his time was up he started yelling. He was repeatedly warned by the police to simmer down. I think he should have just been escorted out of the building, not tased but he was asking for something.

Dana said...

P.S. You're pretty neat so I added you to my links list.

Bianca Reagan said...

You're welcome, Catherine! I'm sorry you're sad. I just posted about why I was aggravated today. But comments always make me happy. So does finding this argyle sweater in black at Old Navy. They don't have anything comparable in the Women's section, so all the stores in the LA area are running out of the smallest sizes.

dana, I think you're pretty neat, too, so I added you to my links as well. :)