Thursday, September 20, 2007

Visual Semantics, or, Why I don't listen to KTLK on weekdays from 3 to 7 pm

I got stressed out this afternoon when heard this bleepity-bleep on "Progressive Talk" radio, Mark "Mr. K" Germain, pictured above. He doesn't understand why black people (and sane people) are so upset over the situation in Jena. He feels that hanging nooses on a "white tree" in the South is freedom of speech, and not an actionable crime.

You know I had to call in. Apparently, everyone else listening in the Los Angeles area shared my passion, because the phone line was busy for at least an hour. So I choose to yell my radio between dialing attempts.

I am so tired of this fool talking wrong and strong on his self-titled program. Mr. Germain had no idea what was really going on in Jena. He read one small article on the situation and thought the entire rally and march was about three nooses and a school fight. People actually had to call in and tell him to read the Newsweek article that gives more details on the situation. He actually had the nerve to state that he had the right to walk through Inglewood with a noose since it's not a crime; it's free speech. In the words of Cedric the Entertainer in The Original Kings of Comedy, I wish that bleepity-bleep would. I doubt he'd be welcomed with flowers and candy. Then we Angelenos could get a replacement for the 3-7 slot on KTLK. Someone who does real research on topics and speak with understanding and sensitivity, instead of filling his four hours with ignorance and misinformation.

All Mr. Germain had to do was watch this video. It's not that hard! Seriously.


Stephanie said...
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Dana said...

I had no idea about what was going on in Jena. I read that article and that is the most horrible thing I've ever heard! That isn't free speech that's a threat, if those students were willing to go that far, what else would they do? Anyway I think it's sick. Mr. Germain needs to realize that there is a line between free speech and hate.

Bianca Reagan said...

I don't know, stephanie. :(

I'm glad I contributed to your enlightenment, dana. Look at me educating the people!