Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dirty Old Women

and a few men too: BWE SLANG: The "Reverse Savage", by Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever, via Stephanie's Soap Box.

The Reverse Savage is a term indicating a child star who was once not that cute, and then grew up to be extremely cute. It derives from the child star Fred Savage, who, as the main character on The Wonder Years, was an extremely crush-worthy youngster with an adorable face. Once grown, however, his youthful features morphed into a sort of unusual adult male face, the result being the man was no longer nearly as adorable, his career dead in the water.

The Reverse Savage describes the opposite effect — a child star who while not necessarily being the cutest kid or young adult, grows up to be extremely successful and attractive.

Ryan Reynolds, Lucas Black, Jake Gyllenhaal, all great examples. Though I must disagree with drreamerr, who chimed in with "Both Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt." No. Both of them were always cute.

My favorite comment came from Jenn:

I want to be Mrs. George Michael (from Arrested Development, not the gay guy)

Thanks for clearing that up, Jenn. Because the only reason I wouldn't be with the drug-addicted, bathroom-trolling, reckless-driving former front man for Wham! is his gayness. Right. I'm sure Michael Cera rests easier at night knowing that people can tell him apart from the singer due to their divergent sexual orientations.

Yes, that is Jonathan Lipnicki featured above, and he turned out pretty well. Carrie, Stephanie, take a step back: he's 17.


Carrie said...

Ha, Stephanie. Me too.

I do not think that 17 year old Johnathan Lipnicki is cute. At all. I don't think ALL jailbait actors are cute, dammit! Just Shia. And Zac. And Joseph-Gordon Levitt, But he is like 25, he's totally in my range. And I really only think he's cute because I love his acting so much.

Hmm...I think I'm getting a bit defensive here. Heh. I'll shut up now.

Carrie said...

I just read all of those comments and my favorite one is "Seth Green is HSD. Hot sitting down."

Now, I don't normally like to bag on short people but MAN. That's funny.

Chrissy said...

Jonathan Lipnicki's main photo on his IMDB page should be changed.

Bianca Reagan said...

I adore Seth Green because he seems nice and he is quite talented. He was the best part of the embarrassing Four Kings, which only last two months. However I would never call him hot, sitting or standing.