Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Falling in love all over again

T Style: Men's Fashion Fall 2007, from The New York Times Style Magazine. Thanks, anonymous!

If you all can stop swooning for a moment, there is also a related article: Kid Rock, by Lynn Hirschberg.

During college I started to miss acting. I started auditioning for movies. That’s how I got the part in “Mysterious Skin.”

In that movie, you play a gay hustler. It was a bold decision to take on that role. Were you nervous?

I find it very strange when people say, “How could you make that movie?” I never had any trepidation. When I read the script, I thought the director, Gregg Araki, would want me for another part, the sensitive boy. He said, “No — I want you to be sexy.” I had not heard that a lot. I was always cast as the friend or the nice guy. It’s really great when someone says, “I want you to be the sexy one.”

Yes, it is great. Although no one ever says that to me. :( I would say it to Mr. Gordon-Levitt all the time if I could. :)

It’s interesting that critics consider it riskier from a career standpoint to play a gay hustler than a soldier in an unpopular war, or a psychotic hit man, which you play in your next film, “Killshot.”

As an actor, you have to be open-minded. That’s one of the great aspects of the job. In the real world, people make judgments all the time. But as an actor, you can’t judge. I would rather play someone who is different from me. You can’t be a bigot and be a great actor.

Look at Mr. G-L making sense.


Carrie said...

He is one actor whose interviews I don't hesitate to read/watch. He is always so thoughtful.

He was surprisingly sexy in Mysterious Skin, in such a raw, fragile, dangerous way. I love that you can tell exactly who his character is from the very first scene just by his body language. It's a remarkable performance.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Huh. I never got your thing for him till now. He's really cute in that video, and actually kind of interesting.


Bianca Reagan said...

Mysterious Skin sounds depressing, as do most of his recent movies. Where is his Kangaroo Jack or Daddy Day Care?

catherine, did you think I was pulling my admiration for Mr. G-L out of my bum? I've been following his work since Gregory K, i.e., Switching Parents.

Anonymous said...