Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why should I expect anything less?

Update: Innovative, William Morris Putting Assistants Out On The Streets, from Defamer via The Hollywood Reporter. Emphases mine.

As it turns out, those call-rollers who were told that they'd be sacrificing their overtime pay to help their companies weather the writers strike were the lucky ones, as THR confirms that Innovative Artists has laid off about 10 of its assistants, a move the agency's head says is necessary for the firm's survival while the flow of executive-nourishing commission checks slows to a trickle . . .

"If in my judgment I need to make changes ... (or) cut expense accounts, I'm going to do what every one of my competitors is doing," Innovative owner Scott Harris said. "I need to take measures to survive what could be a very lengthy strike. My priority is to keep this business running." Harris said that he has no plans at this time to lay off any executives but that more assistants will probably be let go.

Oh, Scott Harris. One can only hope that none of the assistants you have harmed in the name of "business" end up being your future boss, a boss that emulates the caring and compassion you have consistently displayed.

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