Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here's the problem:

My old printer stopped working with my new computer. Now other stuff that came embedding in the computer have stopped working as well. I thought it was just me and my computer. No. It's not. It took that guy from Dodgeball and that guy from The Daily Show to make me realize what the problem is:

It's not like I had a choice of operating systems. Windows Vista is what came with the computer. I don't think Windows XP is even offered on new PCs anymore. I would downgrade to Windows XP on my new computer if I could. This is so annoying. I don't care if Bill Gates is helping poor people across the world. Right now, he is making my life miserable.


The Law Fairy said...

I've had TWO PCs break on me in the last few years. TWO. Hard drive completely crapped out and this most recent time I may have wound up losing a lot of stuff I care about.

Apple is evil, but I might have to make the switch after dealing with this shit.

Chrissy said...

I was wondering if that was the problem with your computer...Aren't those commercials helpful!

I would say go with an Apple but they cost too much.

Bianca Reagan said...

tlf, why is Apple evil?

chrissy, those commercials are helpful. More John Hodgman please.

The Law Fairy said...

They are evil because they're incompatible with everything else (on PURPOSE -- which would actually be hilariously ironic if it weren't so damn annoying) and because they make you REPURCHASE songs you've downloaded if you get a new computer (and don't have them backed up so you can manually transfer them).


Bianca Reagan said...

Good points, tlf. How awful.