Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Because Race Relations aren't Bad Enough in America.

What is wrong with Mark Burnett? E! Online reports, "the 20 castaways for Survivor: Cook Islands will be grouped by race, with competitors divided into four tribes consisting of whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics."

Like the Randal/Rebecca controversy wasn't bad enough on The Apprentice. If Donald Trump wanted to give Rebecca a job, he should have GIVEN REBECCA A JOB. Why would Donald Trump, the infamous megalomaniac, ask Randal's permission to employ Rebecca at his own company as well? Jacob at Television without Pity made a very lengthy statement about this racially-charged conundrum at the time it happened, so I won't even attempt to speak as verbosely on the matter as he did.

If host Jeff Probst is so worried about "the criticism that Survivor was not ethnically diverse enough" because they "always have a low number of minority applicants apply for the show," then hire casting agents capable of finding more non-white people for the show. Don't complain about people calling your show racist, then segregate your contestants based on their color and facial features. That's stupid! You're not just being hypocritical; you're proving your critics right.

No wonder I've never watched Survivor.

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