Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Book about Me!

20Something Essays by 20Something Writers

It's not entirely about me. It's about my people. Which people? The 20-somethings. The people who are becoming grown-ups in the 00s.

I devoured most of the book while I was at Borders this weekend. I dragged a step stool to the writing section, sat down on the plastic contraption, and read page after page of prose about the human experience. The misery of "temporarily" moving back in with your parents. The shame of working at a low paying job in the service industry which your higher education has clearly overqualified you for. The schizophrenia of balancing your real world relationships to people with your online ones. (Do I really need to IM, email, call, page, fax, MySpace, Facebook, and, god forbid, Friendster my associates if I can meet up with them in person?)

I bought the book today, so I can enjoy it in the privacy of my own home. I'm sure the Borders people appreciate my continued patronage. And to the 20-Something Writers, here's some free publicity for your book. I like to pretend influential (i.e. any) people read my blog. It makes me feel special.

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