Saturday, September 30, 2006

It goes there.

Watched the premieres of Degrassi (Season 6) and South of Nowhere (Season 2) this morning. Excellent. Manny was right: Sean did get hot. It's okay to ogle him; he's 21 in real life. And he's 18 on the show. So why am worried?

In South of Nowhere news, Clay and Chelsea were too cute. Who? The two people on the show who aren't drama-filled. I was totally relating with Ashley on the whole half-sister appearing out of nowhere situation. I have half-siblings, aside from my brother, whom I have yet to meet. I have no idea who or where they are. But unlike Ashley, I have no $12 million trust fund to share with them. Our dad wasn't a rock star. But he was great parent who was actually around when he was alive.

BTW, loved the commercials during the break. The love triangles and hexagons. Catfights. Guys not being able to keep on their shirts. Keep that shirt off, Michael Copon. I do not mind at all. Then when Aiden offered him baby oil? Hot.


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