Monday, September 18, 2006

There was an old man named...

Christian Finnegan?

In the song, it was Michael, and Christian's not old yet, but I digress.

Over the past year, Christian Finnegan, one of my favorite comedians, has lost weight. He's not down to a need-for-concern type weight yet, just a Hey-you've-lost-some-weight weight at the moment.

I was first made aware of Christian through his appearance on Chappelle's Show, where he played The White Guy in the Mad Real World sketch. I continued to find his chubby little punim endearing when he made the move to Best Week Ever, where he is still charming and funny.

So why am I talking about him? Because I want Christian to know that like him both with the weight and without. I liked him when he was fluffy. I like him now. I'm sure he's hitting a higher quality of poontang now that he isn't so husky. I'm also sure he doesn't really care what a quirky girl like me thinks of his body. Like he reads my blog. But truly, it was never the looks that drew me to Christian. (That sounds bad.) It was the quality of his work, and his sweet demeanor. I guess the only difference now is that there's a little less Christian to hug.

(FYI, I've never met Christian Finnegan in person. If I ever do, though, knowing my luck, he'll probably be a dick.)

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