Sunday, September 24, 2006

Farewell to a Trusted Friend

My printer died this afternoon. It had been with me for seven years, since my first week of college. It outlasted most of the friendships I made in college. Now it's sitting in a dumpster, ready to move into the afterlife.

After my printer sputtered out, groaned and refused to process another page, I got a new one in three hours. It's on my desk now, up and running. If I hadn't needed one so quickly, I would have taken more time to make the purchase, like I usually. Maybe waited for a sale, or looked for a store offering a rebate. Then I would have stared at in the store, contemplating the impact that this item would have on my life. Instead, I looked up the least expensive inkjet printers on the Office Depot, CompUSA, Best Buy and Staples websites. They all had the same printer I liked at the same price. So I went out, bought it, and brought it home.

If only all my purchases were that easy.

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