Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm clearly not the only dork out there.

Other people like Sudoku, too. So don't judge me!

Because I rock so hard, you may have noticed that I recently added Jigsaw Sudoku to my list of favorite sites. Sudoku has been around for a loooong time. But the news media seems to have discovered it only last year. It's become a major industry, with Will Shortz as its crown prince. I used to think of it solely as the extra pages taking up space in my Math Puzzles and Logic Problems magazine. Now it's an acceptable way for me to pass the time, but only after I finish determing by process of elimination which friend with what last name brought which gift to whose party on what day of the week.

What? I love logic problems, too. And I am very particular about how I like to do them. Shocker. I'm anal-retentive about everything. I like the ones from Dell magazines. The ones in Penny Press don't give you enough room to write things down. I usually stick to the three-star to five-star rated puzzles, with the rectangular grid that you fill in with Xs for no and dots for yes. I'll take a three-, maybe a four-star with a picture diagram or a grid where you fill in the names and descriptions, but that's only if I've already completed the other puzzles to my liking.

But why, you ask? Well, I like moving the pieces around. They are different colors, so you have more visual cues when figuring out what goes where. And it's not just numbers. There are letter games and symbol games, too. Fun!

I'm getting all excited about games in paperback booklets and on websites that challenge me mathematically, and I actually enjoy engaging in these activities on a Saturday night. No wonder I'm alone.


Gregg said...

Bianca- just cuz you are the only one, doesn't make you any less of a dork. Sudoku is for sissies. Real men do crossword puzzles. -Gregg

Bianca Reagan said...

Sissies, eh? Are you a real man, Gregg? Are ya?

Gregg said...

Bianca- Nope. I eat Quiche ;-) -Gregg

Bianca Reagan said...

Quiche is yummy.