Friday, September 29, 2006

Nobody's Watching.

This discarded pilot on YouTube is funny. I LOLed repeatedly. But I could do without that blonde lady's boobs hanging in my face. I wasn't feeling the script when I read it a while ago, because it involved Jeff Zucker, whom I didn't really like in Fat Actress. Loved Marc Curry, though. And the guys in the original script were over 30, while their female counterparts were about 23. I never like that old guy, pubescent girl age disparity. But in the actual show, they are only a year apart, which is much better.

I like the weird guy in the suit who keeps staring at the camera. He has about five one-word lines, but he's already my favorite character. Probably because I recognize him as a Hey! It's that Guy. I'd look him up, but, Hello? La-zy, party of one right here.

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