Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good old-fashioned American values

in Switzerland:

Black Sheep, by Jill at Feministe.

Automatic for the sheeple, by The New Meat, via Feministe.

Swiss Fury at Foreigners Boiling Over, by Molly Moore, Washington Post Foreign Service, via Racialicious.

Clickety-click on the links for the anti-immigrant horror.


Back in the US of A:

Teen Boys Love Implants Almost As Much As They Hate Period Bloods, Reports Cosmo Girl! at Jezebel, via Feministe.

And, Just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower…, by Jill at Feministe, a story that I originally heard about this afternoon on The Randi Rhodes Show.


I wonder which blogs I will read and link to tomorrow.


Catherine Avril Morris said...


Insert garbled swear words here

In sweeter news, Bianca, you and I were apparently listening to the Randi Rhodes show at the same time yesterday!

Bianca Reagan said...

How cool is that? Very. None of my other friends listen to Randi Rhodes. :( Somehow I need to befriend more Air America listeners . . .