Saturday, October 27, 2007

People Person's Paper People

My favorite part of this week's episode of The Office, "Local Ad." Watch the video while you can.

[The video is gone, so you can click here instead.]

For you fellow TV aficionados, what is the name of that ad guy with the thick black glasses in the episode? I have seen him in several commercials probably every day for the past two years, but I don't know who he is. :( You may know as "The Asian guy" in the Cingular commercials:

He has also been the Dad in a Home Depot commercial, and a scientist in both a Shell oil commercial and a pharmaceutical (?) commercial. I am poring through the TWoP forums for info.

I should really direct this actor search energy into something constructive, like promoting world peace. So readers, after you finish perusing the interwebs, give someone a hug.


Anonymous said...

I believe he's also the asian guy in the new "Rambo" movie

Chrissy said...

Did you ever find out this guy's name? Cuz I believe it is Tim Kang. He is on "The Mentalist" now on CBS.

Bianca Reagan said...

anonymous, I believe that, too. And welcome!

chrissy, I did indeed find out this guy's name: "A less sleazy, Asian Jeremy Piven". Thank you!