Saturday, October 20, 2007

My new favorite show

. . . on Logo: Exes and Ohs. It's funny, and the main character is an overanalyzer like I am. Also, Heather Matarazzo plays an delusional aspiring singer/songwriter who calls herself "Crutch." That's reason enough to watch this 30-minute dramedy series.

However, as Sarah Warn said on After Ellen seven months ago, "what's up with a cast of all white women?" Sheryl Lee Ralph, of Dreamgirls and the last season of Designing Women fame, did play the minister in the pilot episode, but all of the main characters and most of the other supporters are white. Harumph. I can't find a suitable role model anywhere. I guess I've still got Tyra. Oy vey.


Catherine Avril Morris said...

Well, Heather Matarazzo's hair looks really cute, anyway! :)

I'm so glad this isn't a show based on the chick lit novel of the same name, which I read and which really bugged me. Maybe I'll check this show out.

Bianca Reagan said...

I hadn't heard of the book until I started searching for an appropriate picture to accompany this post. And her hair does look cute in that picture.