Monday, October 29, 2007

Unsolicited Blog Mention!

Look! Someone else has linked to me: The Morning After: Searching for Carrie Fisher, by James Poniewozik at Tuned In.

Though Fey didn't write last night's episode, who else could you imagine making an episode about first-meeting-second-wave feminism so funny, complete with an H. R. Haldeman talking-mailbox joke? (Update: Second wave meeting third wave? Or fourth? Version 2.1 meeting version 3.2? Neither math nor history is my strong suit, but, you know, something earlier meeting something later. Maybe Bianca Reagan can straighten this out.)

I'm pretty sure he is referring to the comment I left under his post, Mad Men Watch: His and Hers. How cool am I? Very! Thank you, Mr. P!


Dana said...

Cool very cool!

Anonymous said...

That is what brought me to your site and I just kept on reading. Pretty funny stuff and your friend Irwin Handleman is clinically insane.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks dana! Thanks anonymous, and welcome! Although I don't think Mr. Handleman has checked himself into the clinic yet.