Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some people should not have children.

When I was a child, I occasionally saw other children on leashes held by their parents, usually at the airport or at amusement parks. I thought the concept was silly then; they were children, not dogs. But now, I think leashes should be a requirement for certain kids and their absent caregivers.

Today I sat for about twenty minutes in a public establishment, watching a mother dispassionately call for her three-year-old son to stand beside her. "Dan. Danny? Come over here. Daniel? Dan. Dan. Dan-Dan. Come over here. Come here. Here. Dan? Danny. Come here."

It went on and on, and the boy never came. He continued playing over twenty feet away, not even acknowledging the requests. The mother was wrapped up in her own business; she didn't want to lose her place in line, and she didn't want to expend the energy to either raise her voice or to grab her son. There were stretches of time during which the boy could have wandered outside, or when another adult could have abducted him. It takes less than ten seconds to snatch a child. This child could have easily disappeared multiple times, or he could have injured himself on the large objects in the room, because no one was watching him.

The whole time I was thinking, That would not be my child. Also, despite what some people might assume, the lack of parenting described in the situation above did not involve any black people. When I tell my future children to "come here", they will come immediately, or they can find somewhere else to live. I am the adult. I am responsible for their safety. They need to listen to me. Obeying my commands will not be an option for them to consider. There will be no negotiation.

This incident also came after I finished watching Paternal Instinct this morning on Logo. The two men in the documentary tried so hard for years to have a baby, just like my parents did. I couldn't imagine the absolute horror they would go through if someone stole their children from them. So when I see someone letting their child wander off because they are too lazy to be a good parent, I get upset.


Chrissy said...

Jon and Kate+8 episode had their kids hold onto a leash that had different color rings.I was thinking they are at a parade I would have them attached to that leash not just to hold on! But of course their kids don't just wander off cuz Kate won't let them! She knows how to handle her children. Love her and the show.

cubicalgirl said...

Our el trains here have doors with lights attached that flash as a warning to people the the doors are about to close. I saw a woman actually shove her child into the closing doors when she saw the lights flash so they would bounce back open and she could get on the train. Because, you know, it's not like there's going to be another train in a few minutes or her kid could get hurt or anything. I love awful parents.

Bianca Reagan said...

chrissy, I should really watch that show more often.

cubical, that's terrible! Poor child.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so typical of people without children to be so naieve. Of course your children will come when they are called..they will be perfect as you will be the perfect parent.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thank you for your confidence in me, Anonymous!