Friday, June 29, 2007

Look at my new BOOKMARK buttons!

They are so cool! Digg me, me, reddit me, Furl me. Whichever. Just tell your friends, and some strangers, too.

I got inspired to add the button by this lady who wrote this insightful article and had to write these responses to deal with all the feedback.

How did I find danah boyd's article? Er... Umm... Look over there!

Using Add This! was so much easier than figuring out how to put each of those buttons on every post, and deciding which buttons were really relevant. No, Add This! is not paying me to endorse their product. I wish someone would, though. I have talent!

Now how can I get the BOOKMARK button to move to the bottom left? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

How to move that bookmark to the left? Well, let's see what's putting it on the right -- it's this part of the page source:

.uncustomized-post-template .post-footer {
text-align: right;

Dunno if you have any control over the blogspot css, or if you even speak this language!

The easiest fix (if you have access to it) might be to put style='text-align: left;' into the {div} tag that's hugging the bookmark's {a href} tag. Adding the style to the bookmark's {a href} doesn't work, because its enclosing {div} tag is already right-aligned.

A little vertical spacing would also be nice: 'margin-top: 1em;'

Good luck!


Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks, David! I'll try that.