Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thoughts I had while watching this video.

From Vimeo, via Pajiba:

  • That girl looks pretty pleased with herself.
  • Oh, it's a music video.
  • I remember Disturbing Behavior.
  • Whatever happened to Nick Stahl? (I didn't watch Deadwood.)
  • litelysalted is right: those guys are cute.
  • Are all of them white?
  • They are.
  • And under 30.
  • Except for that one woman with the curly hair.
  • Oh my gosh, all the guys in that office look exactly alike. Not just young white guys, but practically clones of each other. All the girls--the few that they have--look alike, too
  • Apparently they work at College Humor. Here's one of their popular columns. I found no corresponding "Cute College Boy" column.
  • This reminds me of every time the staff of The Daily Show makes an acceptance speech at the Emmys. Every guy on stage looks like a slightly taller, slightly younger version of Jon Stewart. There are maybe two women, and one Larry Wilmore. And every time, Jon comments on that fact, but never does anything about it.
  • I guess that's because only white guys (with brown hair) are allowed to write for comedy. And for every other entertainment medium, too.
  • Now I feel depressed again.
  • My feet hurt.


Stephanie said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm white yet still not one of those girls looked like me either. Obviously you also have to be into emo to work there.

Bianca Reagan said...

Emo, hee hee!

You'd also have to dye your hair brown. And I doubt they'd enjoy your One Tree Hill posts as much as I do. :)

cubicalgirl said...

Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my old age but I'm kinda over the whole hipster thing. And were any of them even alive when "Flagpole Sitta" was popular on the radio for ten whole seconds?