Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where does the rest of the cuteness come from?

Found on YouTube by my friend Stephanie: baby laughing.

Wait a minute. I'm a "minority" in my own country. Shouldn't I have a YouTube video made about me? When will I get my "minority rights"?

I wonder how "unchecked immigration" affected the futures of the native peoples of North America, South America, Australia, India, and South Africa. Who cares? Save the white babies from the horror of pressing "1" for English!

Ignore the fact that babies can't actually speak English or any other language for at least a year. And that even after year one, not all white babies speak English, exclusively or otherwise. And that mute babies, regardless of color, don't speak at all.


Manny said...

WTF? Cute babies, but...the HELL??

Wendi Muse said...

ew...that is scary...where on earth did you find this? p.s. one moment in the film brings up the aspect of minority rights...but whites are the global minority already. people of color outnumber whites, so they are just referring to the US or Europe in the video? Also, even in the minority, wealthy whites have exhibited power to an extreme degree in countries that are like 99% -of color (read: South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and almost of all of the rest of South America, so long as you consider direct decendants of Spaniards and Portuguese as "white", at one point the Philippines, India). and even when the dominance is not political or economic, the cultural dominance remains (look at the Indian film industry...almost all the actresses and actors have fairer skin or are mixed with white). nuts
thanks for the link!