Friday, June 29, 2007

Turn that frown upside down.

I was having kind of a bummy day today for reasons I will expound upon later this weekend. Then I received a notice in my email Inbox telling me I had a new comment on my blog. It was in response to my infamous post, The Law Fairy says it best:

Anonymous said...

Wow. I was trolling through the internet looking for reviews for a movie I am dying to see and I come across this one. The love of my life is a former feminist. I say former because she had the brains to realize that feminism is as stupid as chauvinism. She says a lot of her female friends were bashing this movie for the same reasons I see here. Hold a sec.....

Let me get this straight. You are mad because a woman you find attractive and successful gets loaded and has sex with a man you find unattractive and gets pregnant. She then decides to keep the child and attempt to be a caring parent and wants the father in the child's life and you find that wrong? What in the hell is wrong with you. First of all, it is a FICTIONAL MOVIE for the strict purposes of ENTERTAINMENT. Second......You sound less like a feminist and more like a spurned woman. Who cares if a beautiful woman digs a guy you find below average. ! mans trash is another mans treasure. My guess would be that your man found another woman and you turned out to feel like the trash and now resent the idea. You have issues. It is just a movie and looks funny as hell. have a good day. :)

Ha ha! So funny. I was seriously cracking up. Where to begin, where to begin?

First, "Anonymous." One of those hit and run commenters. I understand that some blogging programs don't allow you to leave your name if you don't have an account with them. I get around that by leaving my name in my message, along with a link to my blog. That leaves an open door for communication. Anonymous did not do so.

Second, I feel sorry for the love of your life. Not because she's with you (snicker), but because she is a reformed feminist. That concept seems analogous to that episode of Will and Grace where Jack meets Neil Patrick Harris through an organization that tries unsuccessfully to turn gay people straight. The Ted Haggard treatment, if you will. Why would someone not be a feminist anymore? That's ridiculous.

Third, "What in the hell is wrong with [me]." A) that sentence should have a question mark at the end of it, and B) buddy, you have no idea. If you'd like to chip in for my much-needed therapy sessions, please let me know. Donations are welcome and appreciated.

Fourth, "it is a FICTIONAL MOVIE for the strict purposes of ENTERTAINMENT." It is? I've been watching television since I exited the womb and reading since I was three. But thank goodness Anonymous was here to school me on fiction and entertainment. Apparently my graduating cum laude with a degree in film production did not provide me with the necessary skills to recognize that Knocked Up is not a documentary.

Fifth, can't someone be both a feminist and a spurned woman? Don't all raise your hands at once.

Sixth, I'll ignore the "!" that should be a "1," because I'm nice like that. Clearly Anonymous has not read the rest of my blog. I've never had a man. So he couldn't have left me for another woman, because he doesn't exist. And I don't feel like "the trash."

Seventh, I do have issues. Duh. What are you, new? Oh yeah, you are. Welcome!

Eighth, "It is just a movie and looks funny as hell." I guess The Birth of a Nation was just a movie, too. Did Anonymous also find that film amusing?

Ninth, you have a good day, too, Anonymous! :)

Side note: the baby in the above picture was originally labeled "oriental_baby2" on the BBC Parenting website. Someone needs to let BBC know that it's 2007 and we in the civilized world no longer call people "Oriental." (Insert your own Sarah Silverman-esque joke here.) I'm going to watch Degrassi.

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