Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Tuesday without Gilmore Girls

As I opened my internet browser this evening, I noticed the following stories on Yahoo! News:

Bush plans to veto stem cell bill

Army considers longer combat tours again

The third headline down was

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves GOP.

Hmm. I wonder if those stories are related. I wonder if any other Republicans will follow. I wonder what's taking them so long.


In funnier news, I LOLed at this post on Defamer: Me: A Real Hollywood Director; You: Hot, Smart, Willing To Believe I'm A Real Director. Yet another example of the quality individuals you will find on Craig's List. Ladies, before start sending in your headshots, the director is looking for a dude. Non-crazy gentlemen, feel free:

director needs a (fake) date for a (real) movie premiere - m4m - 33 As bizarre as this sounds, I am looking for a date for a movie premiere...

...Here are the requirements. You are:

1. not insane
2. between 25 and 40 (give and take a year or two)
3. reasonably intelligent
4. good looking
5. not an actor who is going to try and use this as a networking opportunity (ok to be an actor - but again, not insane)
6. clean (well groomed) and sober (not a drunk or an addict)
7. willing to go along with the charade for the fun of it
8. not crazy...

...Please reply with a picture (to weed out crazies and freaks - although you can't always tell)...

Ha ha! My favorite comments:

SusanDeylite says:

Obviously, it's the premiere for "Transformers".

nojo says:

Fox News is going to have a field day with this latest Michael Moore revelation.


bedofnails says:

HBO is taking this Medellin/Billy Walsh thing to new levels.

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