Friday, June 22, 2007

There are times when I should stop myself.

And yet I choose not to.

It started with my friend sending me a link to this article called I'm Just Not Attracted To Her, by Michael Lawrence. Goodness knows if there is a piece involving Debra Dickerson, Wedding Crashers and Christianity, I'm all about reading it. Which I did.

The article was on a "webzine" called Boundless, which is "a website of Focus on the Family." This is when I should have stopped reading, because I have heard of Focus on the Family, and none of the reviews of their organization have shown them to be positive or progressive.

I clicked on the home page of the site, scrolled down and found, Ten Things Now To Stay At Home Later, by Heather Koerner. Below the title was the description, "I thought it might be an article similar to Leslie Bennetts' book, The Feminine Mistake. It was not.

Then I clicked on the Boundless "Best Of" tab and scrolled down. Of course I had to click on the "SEX" link. Modesty Revisited (", and your Subversive Virginity (So-Called Marriage, which argues homosexual unions are irrelevant to marriage laws because they are effectively sterile. Marriages are supposed to be between a man and woman because the primary function of marriage is to breed. Hmph. Then there was Abortion and Rape: "BA: FEARING INFERTILITY: "permissive attitudes about moral issues like divorce, extramarital sex, homosexuality and abortion." What's wrong with that? At least I'm not James Dobson.

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