Thursday, August 17, 2006

Resistance is Futile.

I failed. I made it through three days of a lip balm free existence. The consequences outweighed the benefits of being addiction free. I could make glib justifications for giving up, like, at least I'm not abusing alcohol, or smoking, or shooting heroin between my toes. But I won't. I do have a need to moisturize my lips. However, I was foolish to think I could simply stop using my lip balm and that the side effects would be negligible. If I stopped the daily moisturization of the rest of my body, I would be driven to rip someone's head off. My skin is naturally dry. It always has been. Why I thought my lips wouldn't react to a lack of emollients, I don't know.

This morning at my neighborhood drugstore, I had a brief dallience with Blistex Lip Infusion™, and ChapStick® All Natural, as neither product had any alcohol included on its list of ingredients. I would have gotten Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula (i.e. plain Vaseline, overpriced in a tiny tube), but the store only had the Cherry, and that's not how I roll. The Blistex smelled like berries, the ChapStick supposedly like mangoes, and they both made me nauseated. So. I am now back on my ChapStick Original. Though now, I am using it in moderation. Once every 1 or 2 hours. Plus, I do not have it on my person anymore. It is stored safely in my bag, ready when I may need it.

My lips are chapped right now, but I'm not freaking out about it. I'm okay. I'm dealing with the aforementioned failure as well. It's not like I'm David Blaine. I attempted to arrest my dependence on lip balm, not survive in a fishbowl of my on urine for a week.

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Anonymous said...

Use a finger to transferring some of your own skin oil to your lips. Even if you can't feel the oil on your skin there may be enough to sooth your lips. In a few days the urge will disappear.