Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm okay. Aren't I?

Today I am wearing my new size 16 blue and white striped button down shirt from the Gap. It's quite comfy in the arms and waist, although I could do with a little lycra or Spandex for stretchiness. The best part is that it fits well across my chest. No tightness, no bunching, no embarrasing button openings. It makes me look almost normal. Like I'm not in my Fatty McButterpants stage.

I'm thinking that when I grow up and have lots of money, I'm going to need a tailor. Because comfy as this shirt is, along with every other shirt with enough material to cover my chest, it's a little baggy everywhere else, instead of fitted and shapely. Oh well. Someday I'll be comfortable with my chubby parts. Today, at least I'm not self-conscious. Today, I am happy with my appropriately fitting business casual ensemble.

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