Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I have an opinion.

No, I'm not Maya Angelou. But I am also a black woman with something to say.

From time to time, there are things I notice which provoke thoughts from me specifically because of my color and/or my gender. This is why I have started this series of postings entitled, "Musings from a Black Woman." Don't expect one every day or every week or at some other regular interval. My musings will come whenever I decide to pull one out of my butt. I will talk about black people, about women, or about whatever. I could call it "Musings from a (Potential) Breeder," because that's accurate, too; I am a heterosexual, even though I'm not an active one. I'm really trying, though. "Musings from an American" sounds lame, and is probably already taken. "Musings from a St. Thomian" has a certain ring to it as well.

I remember why I chose it now. I wanted a title that sounded like I was speaking for black people everywhere, American or otherwise, because we're all alike. I love how certain outspoken celebrities and wannabes of African descent (supposedly anyway) state that "black people do this" or "black people don't like that." How would they know? I never got a phone call asking my opinion. Other people who aren't black make similar asinine assertions, but the statements coming from people who are black are given more respect.

So. I have decided that from now on, I will be speaking for all black people, and all women, everywhere at anytime. I know black people, I know women, and goodness knows I am well acquainted with many a black woman (Mummy for one; Grammy for two). Therefore, whatever I say about any of these groups should be taken as fact and never questioned in the least.

First Musing from a Black Woman: That's So Racist, a short commentary on one of the many instances of bigotry in marketing American television domestically and internationally. Coming soon to a computer screen near you.

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