Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's not because I'm fat.

I am on the search for a gym to join. One that has classes. Preferably Step. Really, anything aerobic and techno-enhanced will do. That isn't too expensive. And is close to my house or work. With friendly people. And clean facilities. With free parking.

No, I'm not picky.

I stopped going to the gym, any gym, a year and a half ago because at the time, I'd just started a new job. I haven't set foot in a fitness facility since then, and this weekend, I realized how much I miss it. It's not just because of the gradual weight gain that has afflicted my body this summer. I miss the camaraderie of hanging out with other active people and bouncing around in a sweaty room together, hoping that our instructor won't make us do another set of squats.

I don't miss the machines. I've never liked the machines. One, most fitness contraptions are designed for large men. I'm neither large (hey!) nor a man (I have a vagina), so they don't work well for me. Two, they're boring. Even with a personal cable television attached to my treadmill, and you know I love my cable tv, walking to nowhere on a revolving rubber band while I watch King of Queens still isn't as enjoyable as a Hip Hop Hi-Lo Cardio Funk Conditioning class with an engaging instructor.

If I actually follow through by finding a gym that suits me, paying the exorbitant fees and finally attending the classes on a regular basis, I'll let you know.

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