Monday, August 21, 2006

Yet Another Musing from a Black Woman

I could be Stephen Colbert's...

But he can't be mine.

Yes, it's yet another installment of my Musings. Twice on the same day. You can't get enough.

While spending the better part of a Saturday afternoon, sitting cross-legged on the floor of Borders in the humor section, introducing one of my illustrious associates to Angry Little Girls and its sequel, Still Angry Little Girls, I decided that I need more black friends. This was made especially apparent to me when I said this out loud in the store, and my white friend handed me Making Friends with Black People by Nick Adams. She said it might help. Hey. No fair. Who is she to be agreeing with me and making useful suggestions? It's not like she has a bunch of black friends. I'm her token black friend. And she didn't need a book to find me.

Seriously, y'all. I need some actual black friends in LA. My hairdressers don't count. Although, they are quite entertaining. I mean, what are you supposed to say when someone asks, "Bianca, did you notice my new fake breasts? I just got them done in the six weeks since I last braided your hair." I'm here worrying about whether my breasts will ever stop growing and finally fit unobtrusively into my clothes, and she's going out and making her chest bigger. Oy.

I had black friends back in St. Thomas. It was kind of hard not to, what with us being over 75% percent of the population. But it's hard here in LA. Especially working in tv. Black people are few and far between in the industry. Much of the time, it's just me, and it's not easy always having to be your own black friend. I'm really trying, though. I'm open and warm and funny, and sometimes I think I've found an excellent to fill my "black needs." But then they go away, or lose interest, or forget about me. Which is sad. :(

If anyone has any good advice on how to befriend someone who is Black Like Me, let me know. Or if you personally would like to be my Black Friend, that's cool, too. I have a Samoan quota to fill as well. Native Americans are also welcome.

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