Friday, August 11, 2006

Crazy Left-Wing Liberals Stinking up our Country with their American Values

I like when other people clearly state what I am thinking. That way, I can post a link to their insightful prose, instead of coming up with coherent sentences on my own. Simply put, I'm a lazy bum. Enjoy:

"...Mr. Bush? While the terror cells were comprised of Islamic extremists, other Muslims were the ones who saved the world from a terrorist strike that could have been the worst since 9/11. Moderate British Muslims, Mr. Bush, who - thank the Lord for favors - are currently being addressed in their country by John Reid and not you."

" the immediate coverage of an apparently foiled terrorist plot and a resulting "Red" alert on the fear-o-meter, Giuliani and the RNC are now reduced to sending chain letters to people that obliquely threaten them with terrorist attacks if they don't donate to the Republican Party. Any reporter out there want to give Giuliani a ring and ask him what the hell he was thinking?"

"...each and every time the Bush Administration plays the ‘terror’ card, even if people don’t believe it, they buy it because it’s “better to be safe than sorry.”
Bush says the foiled plot in Britain is a ‘stark reminder’ for people to be afraid, stay-the-course and do what they’re told."

Well put, fellow bloggers. Like I'm really comparing myself to the blogging elite at Daily Kos and My Left Wing. I can barely crank out one post per day, and I have a fan base of maybe two.

No, Bianca. Stop putting yourself down. You'll get there. You're an amateur now, but some day, you'll be posting your random thoughts in the big leagues. Maybe I'll even have a sponsor. Ooh, exciting!

In the meantime, I will continue to question authority, as opposed to blindly following the demands of an administration who wants American citizens to believe that invading and occupying an unarmed nation, demolishing that nation's infrastructure, and slaughtering over 100,000 of said nation's citizens was the best way to show the rest of the world that terrorism is wrong.

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